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Between shadow and light… there are days, nights, life, revolts, hope, chaos, balance. Birth of substance as much as life and light takes place in the shadow.

I look into humanity where all movement becomes expression and I try to recreate different states of mind, in different dimensions where nature, life forms and history surround the main subject: women. The symbolism of women that shows their intuition upon this universe is to reveal the mystery of life. Thus, every single painting has it’s own story.

Between shadow & light, as a sculptor, color and beauty appease my soul.

What follows shadow & light… is Love.

Marco Montess


About Geishas

 My intention, in 2003, was to paint Geishas in the original spirit and Japanese style, as well as add my own interpretation with a dense and synthetic vision. 

             I wanted to accomplish simple compositions in a sober style while also using appropriate symbols and accessories.

            It was not easy to describe the exotic and picturesque aspects on the concept of Geishas.  As a result of this experience I kept painting in this style for the past six years and have elaborated more profoundly on this suggestive fresco in order to discover this mysterious lady across Japanese history.

            Was this woman a demon in fancy dress?

            There is no doubt that her refined sensitivity and artistic originality pushed my imagination to discover the world of the Geishas’ beauty in XVIIth century, the Tokugawa period.

            When I think of Geishas I notice their aesthetic qualities and their associative link to the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu.

            The way I see her in a painting is with erratic simplicity in beauty that is full of grace and serenity and more than able to express love and beauty.

            The objective of painting is to aim less at representing than to suggest the severe strictness of the Geishas, this refined companion who knows how to play with an equal talent song, dance and conversation. More over, one could add to this suggestion the Geishas status as renowned courtesans, elegant women, sometimes represented with a light erotic intention, ladies of the night, the face powdered with white, with black glossy hair and delicate hands.

            There she is.  The Geisha with delicate steps walks with her head held high upon her swan-like neck.  She is the personification of a china statuette, lost in a world of dreams.

            How can you not fall in love with this Geisha from the past?  Life is a world of colour.  I believe in the cordiality of the Geisha who dreams to live in a world of love while knowing that loneliness is her destiny.

 MARCO Montess

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